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So I decided to get a Redbubble account (there isn't anything there yet,) but I wanted to ask, anyone who has one, do you worry about having your signature on your artwork? When I finish a drawing I usually scribble my signature on it where it won't draw too much attention.  But I don't know if I should make sure you can see my scribble on my art when it's put on a mug or journal, or if I shouldn't worry about it?

I'm doing an awful lot of worrying when I probably won't sell a damn thing lol.
I finally got a scanner that works! YAY! So I can scan artwork again! I'm so excited.  And this one is really nice, too.  And since I have a scanner that actually works, I've been thinking of looking into other ways to sell artwork.  I was thinking of getting a Redbubble account, since I can make cards and stickers and notebooks through there.  Any thoughts?
I'm not very good at putting proper descriptions with my artwork, and some people have asked what I use for the drawings.  I love prismacolor markers.  LOVE THEM.  They are quite expensive, so if you wanted to start using them, I would suggest buying them through Blick ( it's cheaper then say, Hobby Lobby.  And for the outlining I use a mix of Faber-Castell artist pens, and sometimes I use just a simple Paper-Mate black pen when adding thicker, darker lines.

Thanks for all the comments! xoxo Lex.
So I no longer have a scanner to scan finished artwork (when I actually do it!) so what I do end up posting will be crappy photos of my even crappier artwork.  Someday I hope to buy a new scanner (a really good one that I can use on my larger pieces) but right now I am flat broke.  Thanks to a car in the shop and you know, winter-is-coming utility bills and the holidays.  xoxo Lex.